BOTOX® Demand Has Increased During COVID-19

Posted June 24, 2020

I have been performing BOTOX® Cosmetic injections since its U.S. debut in 2002. I figured that during COVID-19, demand for BOTOX® Cosmetic would be down since most people are stuck at home and are socially distancing. To my surprise, the demand for BOTOX® Cosmetic in our practice has actually been up. Or more correctly, way […]

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Botox Makes You Look Better…

Posted September 03, 2014

…But can it make you feel better? With annual sales north of a billion dollars, the makers of Botox must be doing something right. I personally inject Botox to the 11 lines, forehead, and crows feet about 5 to 10 times weekly, and it is highly effective in reducing dynamic wrinkles in these areas. There […]

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Performing Facial Injections

Posted October 12, 2012

I am fully aware that Botox and facial fillers are available on practically every street corner. Doctors’ and dentists’ offices, medical spas, and even beauty parlors offer injectables. Patients are routinely injected by gynecologists, dentists, nurses, aestheticians, medical assistants, and occasionally personnel with no formal medical education.  The results of the injections are variable: some […]

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Sculpture and Surgery: a brief autobiography

Posted September 27, 2011

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons routinely advertise that they can “sculpt” your features: your nose, your tummy, even your breasts.  Patients routinely request a “chiseled” jawline. Who would want to have liposuction when you can have liposculpture?The sad truth, however, is that most surgeons are not actually sculptors.  There are no art classes offered in […]

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Botox and Dysport: Understanding Facial Muscle Anatomy

Posted December 30, 2010

In order to understand what to expect from Botox or Dyport treatment, a basic knowledge of muscle anatomy really helps.  Look at the diagram below: Anatomy diagram: A. Frontalis muscle: contraction raises the eyebrows and causes horizontal brow wrinkles.  Injection of Botox or Dysport will reduce the wrinkles but—depending on the dose and exact locations […]

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