Nipple Contouring procedures performed by Dr. Friedman include:

  1. Inverted nipple repair (repair of inverted nipples).
  2. Nipple reduction (reduction of enlarged nipples).
  3. Nipple lift (lifting of sagging nipples).
  4. Nipple reconstruction (creation of a new nipple following mastectomy)
  5. Areolar reduction (reduction of the diameter of the pigmented skin surrounding the nipples)

Female Nipple Procedures Before and After Photos

Dr. Friedman in Plano, Texas performs many nipple procedures under local anesthesia and laughing gas, although IV sedation or a general anesthetic may be used. Many nipple procedures are performed in conjunction with other breast procedures, such as enlargementliftingreduction, and reconstruction. Any external stitches will absorb on their own. Most nipple scars are quite inconspicuous. The nipple procedures will be performed by Dr. Friedman at the Plano surgical office.

Q & A: Nipple Procedures

  • Inverted Nipple Repair

    Problem: The nipple looks flat or appears as a slit-like depression.
    Cause: Fibrous strands that prevent the nipple from projecting.
    Surgery: A small incision in the nipple releases the tethering bands. If necessary, an internal suture around the base of the nipple prevents the nipple from “falling back in.”
    Detail: Many women undergoing breast enlargement will note improvement of inverted nipples. The pressure of the implant may “push out” an inverted nipple.
    Cost: $1,450 for one; $2,250 for both

    Link: Improving Nipple Projection

  • Nipple Reduction

    Problem: The nipple is too large or “sticks out” too much. It may be difficult to conceal in clothing.
    Cause: May be genetic or related to childbirth and breastfeeding.
    Surgery: A wedge of excessive nipple is removed, repairing the edges and leaving the remaining nipple tissues intact.
    Detail: This procedure will not reduce nipple sensation but frequently compromises breastfeeding.
    Cost: $1,250 for one; $1,950 for both

    Link: Nipple Reduction Surgery for Men

  • Nipple Lift

    Problem: The nipple sags or droops. It may also be enlarged.
    Cause: Commonly related to breastfeeding and subsequent loss of breast volume.
    Surgery: An enlarged nipple may be reduced, improving the sagging. Alternatively, a small crescent of pigmented areolar skin may be removed just above the nipple, lifting the sagging nipple.
    Detail: Breast enlargement frequently improves drooping nipples. The pressure of the implant may “push up” a sagging nipple.

  • Nipple Reconstruction

    Problem: The nipple is absent.
    Cause: Usually due to mastectomy for breast cancer.
    Surgery: Local tissues are rearranged to create a new nipple.
    Detail: The reconstructed nipple-areola is subsequently pigmented via medical tattooing.

  • Areolar Reduction (Periareolar or Donut Mastopexy)

    Problem: The areola (pigmented tissue surrounding the nipple) is enlarged.
    Cause: May be genetic or related to stretching from childbirth and breastfeeding.
    Surgery: The outer portion of the areola is removed. A permanent pursestring (drawstring) suture is placed to cinch down the diameter, reducing the areola size.
    Detail: The procedure is generally done in conjunction with breast enlargement and lifting. It is also a standard part of most breast lifts and reductions.

Nipple Procedures: Instructions

One week before your procedure:

  1. Do not take aspirin-containing products, as these may increase your risk of bruising. Use extra-strength Tylenol for any headaches or other minor pains.
  2. Please notify Dr. Friedman’s Plano staff if you become sick with a fever, significant cough, etc. If necessary, your procedure can be rescheduled to a time when you are feeling better.

At home after the procedure:

  1. Keep the dressings clean and dry.
  2. Do not perform strenuous activities or exercise for at least 3 days after your procedure.
  3. Take the pain medication (as needed) prescribed by Dr. Friedman.

Please feel free to ask Dr. Friedman or his staff about any additional questions or concerns or call our office in Plano, TX to schedule a consultation.