Dr. Friedman and his wife, Jin, met at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas in 1990 where he was a surgical resident and she was a surgery/trauma ICU nurse. They were married at the Dallas Garden Center in Fair Park in 1993 (True Romance, Dallas Morning News). Being a songwriter and pianist, Dr. Friedman wrote a song for Jin that he sang at their wedding. Here’s the first verse:

Dr. Friedman and Jin

August 2021

We met at Parkland in the ICU
We shared some gunshot wounds and GI bleeds too
I thought you were cute, but I didn’t think you knew
So I got up my nerve and my cash reserves
And bought a McDonald’s ice cream for you

The rest is history of love in the making
A Big Mac and fries and you were mine for the taking
But the best things in life come unexpectedly
And so it was for you and me

You get the idea. Nearly 30 years and two grown children later, Dr. Friedman and Jin continue to care for surgical patients together. They have a dedicated group of employees, who are more like family, who perform administration (Judy, 20 years), front office management (Luisa, 18 years), surgical assisting (Sparkle, 15 years and Kimmy, 6 years), and overnight nursing (Amy, 11 years).

If you are looking for glamour, glitz, and Barbie doll employees, this is not your office. If you are looking for dedicated professionals who have been working together seamlessly for years, treating every patient with dignity, respect, honesty, humor, and integrity, then you’ve found the right place.

We take our responsibility to our patients very seriously. Unlike many offices:

  • When you write an email, you will receive a timely response from a knowledgeable nurse or surgical technologist.
  • When you call our office, you will not get stuck in an endless phone tree. We actually answer our phones.
  • When you walk into our office, you will be greeted by name. We know our patients.
  • When you see Dr. Friedman for a consult, you will not get a five-minute fly-by. He will sit down with you, listen to your concerns, and thoroughly answer all of your questions. If he does not think that you will benefit from surgery, he will be honest with you.
  • When you undergo Botox or filler injections, they will be performed personally by Dr. Friedman, not an aesthetician or medical assistant.
  • When you undergo surgery,
  1. Dr. Friedman will perform every step of every procedure. He does not “sublease” out suturing to an assistant.
  2. You will be monitored by a physician anesthesiologist, not a nurse anesthetist.
  3. You will be cared for by an experienced registered nurse (usually Jin) before, during, and after surgery.
  • When you return for postoperative appointments, Dr. Friedman will personally evaluate you. Every time.
  • When you think you have heard every possible dad joke, Dr. Friedman will surprise you with new ones.

According to google, we are currently the best reviewed plastic surgery practice in the Dallas area. But we are not competing for the most likes. Instead, we are focused on performing real surgery on real patients. We care deeply about providing quality patient care, and we hope to have the opportunity to care for you.Dr. Friedman and Staff