Posted August 19, 2013 in Body, Liposuction, Plastic Surgery

When shopping for a plastic surgeon, look for surgical skill rather than products.

Smartlipo, Fraxel, Sculptra, Zerona, Velasmooth: the array of plastic surgery products is increasingly complicated and confusing.  Much of this is related to the marketing of products directly to consumers, both by physicians and manufacturers, in order to create product demand.  Instead of calling my office to ask how many liposuction surgeries I have done, people call to find out whether I have CoolLipo available.  Instead of asking how many breast augmentations I have done, they want to know whether I offer “gummy bears.”Torso-Granadillo

This is an unfortunate mistake.  There are gynecologists who do “LASER lipo” and ear/nose/&throat doctors who place the latest implants.  However, the ability to purchase a particular product does not always translate into competency in using it.

When you are researching cosmetic surgery, remember that the surgeon doing the procedure is far more important than the product he or she is using.  Saline breast implants placed by someone who has done 2000 augmentations will generally look far better than the latest silicone gel breast implants placed by someone who has placed 20. This is not to say that product choice is unimportant; some products are clearly better than others for certain patients.

Before you worry about the specific product a surgeon uses, look at his education and experience.  Look at his before & after photos–not just one or two, but twenty or thirty.  Look at his online reviews. Observe his bedside manner.  Evaluate the cleanliness of his office.  Speak to patients of his who have had the procedure that interests you.  Then, after all of that, worry about the “products” he offers. If you select the right surgeon, you’ll probably get the right product anyway.

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Dr. Friedman is the Founder and Director of the West Plano Plastic Surgery Center on the campus of Presbyterian Hospital of Plano.