Posted April 23, 2021 in Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Reviews

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Let’s face it: all of us look at Google reviews before deciding which restaurant to try, which hotel to book, or which plastic surgeon to visit. And, of course, we ideally want 5 stars on a few hundred reviews to make us feel confident in our decision. 

Woman leaving a customer review on her cell phone

So, do these plastic surgery reviews paint an accurate picture?

It depends on who is being reviewed. Specifically, if the reviews consistently describe direct interactions with the plastic surgeon, they’re highly relevant. 

But what if over half the reviews never mention the plastic surgeon at all and instead discuss the nurse injector or esthetician?

Those reviews are useful in choosing the nurse injector or esthetician but probably somewhat less relevant to choosing the plastic surgeon. 

Our advice: Look at who is being reviewed, and then make your decision.