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Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift Surgery

If I put in big enough implants, can I avoid doing a lift?

If sagging is mild, breast implants may be sufficient to provide the illusion of some lifting. However, implants do not actually lift the breasts, as they have no built-in “anti-gravity” device. If you have a moderate to severe degree of sagging, placing very large implants (without performing a breast lift) will add much greater weight to the breasts and may actually worsen the sagging.

What is an “anchor lift?”

An anchor lift involves extended horizontal incisions at or near the folds beneath the breasts, in addition to the usual incisions around the nipple-areolae and vertically along the lower breasts. These incisions, which form an anchor-shaped pattern, are used by many surgeons. Dr. Friedman generally does not use an anchor incision to perform breast augmentation with lift.

Is there any reason to do breast lift and breast augmentation separately?

In most women, Dr. Friedman performs breast augmentation and breast lift simultaneously. However, in women with severe sagging of the breasts, Dr. Friedman may recommend breast lift alone, perhaps followed at a later date by breast augmentation. In this circumstance, he believes that the results of separately performed procedures may be more predictable and reliable than simultaneous procedures.

How visible are the scars?

Every woman scars differently. However, the scars around the nipple-areolae and along the upper portion of the vertical incision are generally fine line and relatively inconspicuous. The lower part of the vertical scar (hidden near the fold beneath the breast) frequently widens to some degree, as this portion of the scar bears the most weight and tension.

Will my breasts sag again after surgery?

Your breasts will remain “perkier” after surgery than they did before. However, time and gravity are still concerns after surgery. Therefore, you should wear a support bra (as you did prior to surgery) to maximize the longevity of your results.

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