Posted September 16, 2010 in Breast Implants

Round breast implants come in a variety of sizes.  They also come in different “profiles.”  The profile describes the ratio of the projection of the implant (how far it sticks out) to the diameter of the implant (how wide it is).

Implant Profile    =             Implant projection              Implant diameter

Low                                        Small                                      Wide

Moderate                                Moderate                                 Moderate

High                                       Large                                      Narrow

In most patients, a moderate profile breast implant (moderate projection, moderate diameter) provides a natural look.  This is my preference in the vast majority of breast augmentations.

However, in patients with very narrow chests who desire very large implants, a high profile breast implant (large projection, narrow diameter) may be a reasonable choice, though it may project enough to look a bit artificial.

The easiest way to understand this is by an analogy to home building in Allen and McKinney.

Moderate-profile implant: If you have a medium-sized piece of land, then a one story house with 10-foot ceilings will work fine.

High-profile implant:  If you have a very small lot, then you compensate by building  a small square-footage house that has a 20-foot ceiling in the living room.

In rare patients who have a wide chest wall and desire a relatively small implant, a low profile breast implant (small projection, large diameter) may be worth consideration.  (This is analogous to a sprawling one-story ranch house with low ceilings.)

Feel free to call my office at (469) 467-0100 for breast implant questions.  (Sorry, I’m actually not qualified to answer any real estate questions.)

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Ronald M. Friedman, M.D.

Director, West Plano Plastic Surgery Center

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