Restylane for Saddle Noses

Posted September 25, 2012

A saddle nose entails a concave or “collapsed” look on nasal profile, resembling the shape of a saddle.  Some people’s noses just happen to look that way.  Other people may develop saddle noses following nasal trauma, infection, or rhinoplasty. Typical treatment for saddle noses is complex.  It generally involves a rhinoplasty (“nose job”) with placement […]

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Tummy tuck after a 137 lb weight loss: One of Dr. Ronald Friedman’s patients describes her experience on

Posted May 17, 2012

I have a complaint.  When demonstrating before/after results for tummy tucks, most plastic surgeons carefully select women who are 5’4” and weight 120 lbs and then show an amazingly flat tummy after surgery.  For some reason, many of the patients I see for tummy tuck have less-than-ideal proportions before surgery.  In my experience, these patients […]

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Is It Safe to Have Abdominal Liposuction with Tummy Tuck?

Posted May 16, 2012

Tummy tuck without LiposuctionA full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) improves the appearance of the abdomen following pregnancy or weight loss by addressing excessive skin, excessive fat, and abdominal wall laxity: Excessive skin: all skin from the umbilicus (belly button) to the pubic area is removed.  The remaining upper abdominal skin is advanced downward and tightened. Abdominal […]

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Editorial: Use of “Models” on Cosmetic Surgery Websites

Posted March 01, 2012

Nearly every cosmetic and plastic surgery website displays images of beautiful patients that showcase the surgeon’s talent.  My website does the same. However, many of these sites have a small disclaimer in the bottom right-hand corner of each photo.  Perhaps you should take a closer look: Yes, each of these photos clearly say “model.”  Translation: […]

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PIP Implants: a problem in America, not just in France

Posted February 03, 2012

Last week Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of now-defunct breast implant manufacturer PIP, was arrested by French authorities.  His company, Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), was closed in March 2010 amid controversy.  He is accused of manslaughter and involuntary injuries caused by ruptured silicone PIP implants, which were made from industrial-grade silicone (designed for use in mattresses), […]

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